Your Friendly Neighborhood Print Marketer

Your Friendly Neighborhood Print Marketer

The key to making friends is to smile and to be yourself. I’ve found that the same is true for print marketing. If you want your business to “make friends,” you need to go beyond the impersonality of an online campaign. Design and print attractive, customizable, friendly materials and deliver them to your customer base in a way that makes them feel special.

Print Media is Effective

Seventy-three percent of consumers still prefer getting printed mail announcements rather than emails from their favorite brands, and 70 percent of people prefer to read on printed paper rather than a digital screen. Print media fosters more of a personal connection with people, whether it’s a pamphlet handed to them in person at an event or a postcard sent via mail. It puts a face with the name, reaching out on a deeper level to make more of a positive connection. And in my experience, it builds trust in your web marketing, too: 67 percent of online searches are prompted by offline communications, indicating that a strong, friendly print presence can actually result in more online sales.

Make the Customer Feel Valued

A big part about appearing friendly in your business is personalization. When customers feel as though you went to a great deal of trouble to contact them, you’re building trust and connections with your target audience. Anybody can write an email or hire a web designer, but I’ve found that people are much more enthusiastic when they know you’ve put real effort into them. Personalizing key elements of print media – using an individual’s name, or referencing their city – can go even further towards growing a relationship with your customers.

Offer Credibility

There’s one thing print media has that email alone does not: credibility. Print advertising adds a sense of legitimacy that the onslaught of online pop-ups and banner ads simply cannot. People tend to be wary of spam and viruses, and consequently shy away from mass emails. There’s no fear of viruses in a print ad, which puts your audience at ease.

A print marketing campaign will go a long way toward building customer relationships that last. Remember, you want to make a customer and a friend; the best way to achieve this is through a dynamic, complementary partnership of print and online media.