Why You Should Always Send A Monthly Newsletter

Why You Should Always Send A Monthly Newsletter

I may be a little biased, but I’m a firm believer that to remain present in your customer’s mind, you have to be a tangible presence in their life. Not every business has the opportunity to place their products in their customers’ homes, though; this is where a monthly newsletter comes in.


If you have never thought about sending a monthly newsletter, let me explain why it’s important. It’s been proven that people respond positively to print materials, and that they can help drive conversion, as it’s much easier to click “delete” on an email than to ignore the personally-addressed envelope delivered to their door.


Fiscal benefits aside, consider how a monthly newsletter fosters a deeper relationship with your customers. Tailor your newsletter to their interests, and make sure your design fits the demographics you’re trying to reach. If you run a kitchen supply store, send a newsletter formatted to look like a page from a cookbook, and include a recipe in each one. Your newsletter is your chance to both showcase your creativity and reach out to your customers in a personal way. You can integrate your message and sales pitch into a format that your customers both want to read and will respond to.


Integrating your Marketing Approach


To put it frankly, your company’s monthly newsletter is part of an integrated approach to your corporate communication strategy. If we begin from the perspective of our customers and work backwards in terms of the messaging that works best, our needs as a company are better served, and our customers feel as though we understand their needs. I believe that the most effective strategy comes from a blend of public relations, digital and social media and direct mail in the form of a monthly newsletter.


Flexible and Targeted Messaging


You can use a monthly newsletter as another way to distribute coupons, announce sales, and draw interest into your products. And if you’re wary, thinking that millennials thrive off their Internet profiles, please take a moment to reconsider. In a recent Household Diary survey conducted annually by the USPS, 76% of those considered members of the digital generation made a purchase based on something they received in the mail. The same survey found that 65% of this demographic prefers paper messages over digital ones. All you have to do is remember the feeling of pulling a handful of mail from your box and seeing the thrill of something addressed to you: in this age of email, personalized direct mail is a well that’s waiting to be re-tapped.


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