The Lasting Relevancy of Print Marketing

The Lasting Relevancy of Print Marketing

Striking a balance between print and online media is crucial to the success of your business. I know your temptation: you may be considering allocating more funds to the digital side simply because that’s where everyone else is. The truth is, you should never discount the benefits of keeping print marketing in your budget when allocating funds. It will translate to increased brand awareness, loyalty and credibility in the long term.

Tangible Assets

I can offer endless reasons why it’s prudent to set aside funds for print marketing. You are investing in a powerful aspect of your campaign that brings with it a sense of ownership for your customers. A printed ad is a physical component that consumers can feel, touch, peruse and even save to remember you by. When you think of ads in digital terms, they are fleeting, lasting but a second in the online universe. Print sticks around, embedding itself in the consumer’s consciousness over time. This presents staying power for your business message, as people tend to keep magazines, brochures, newspapers and other printed materials around their homes and offices for longer periods of time.

Gain Believability

If you’re going for legitimacy in your advertising, print is where it’s at. Customers tend to inherently trust print ads and direct mail when it’s personalized just for them and their needs. Online, they may be wary of spam and viruses that could infect their systems. With the deluge of mass emails and spam hitting the digital world every minute of every day, it becomes hard to separate the legitimate companies from the suspect. When your customers get something credible in the mail or read a print ad that targets them in particular, they will trust it far more than an ad on a website. After all, you can’t get a virus from opening a piece of mail or flipping through a magazine.

Boost Your Brand

The professionalism of your company can help establish brand awareness through a solid, unifying appearance, oftentimes making more of an impact than a similar ad posted on a website. Your customers can’t simply click past print ads. With Internet users spending a mere few seconds or less on a web page before heading elsewhere, print media can evoke more emotion and staying power for your consumers.