Print Media at Trade Shows and Conventions

Print Media at Trade Shows and Conventions

Are you looking for new ways to market your business? What are some of the best ways to connect with your audience and forge the relationships you need to succeed? There are endless marketing options, but attending trade shows, conferences, and events continues to be one of the best ways to present your brand. I find far too many companies fail to invest in print marketing materials to help drive the message home to their audience; print media can be an untapped well of possibility. Here are some of the reasons why I always recommend including print marketing materials in your budget.


Create A Reminder


One of the easiest ways to help people remember your company after the conference is with a brochure or a business card. Adding a QR code to your business card connects your online presence with a tangible reminder that your business is ready to take on any task. Create brochures and other materials that feature different folds or cuts. Not only will they be taking home a memory, they’ll be intrigued by seeing something a little out of the ordinary, driving them to take an interest in your business over another.


Inform and Engage


I always recommend people walk away with something informative and engaging after visiting your booth. Bright displays with PowerPoint presentations or touchscreen demonstrations can draw people to your booth, but you should always offer souvenirs or other gifts to send home with them. Using promotional items like pens, reusable totes, ponchos, notepads, and other branded giveaways work as a powerful marketing piece. Not only will the potential customers at the conference remember your interactions specifically, but a new audience will notice your branded image as they shelter from the rain under your umbrella, or relieve some of that last-minute-deadline anxiety using your stress ball. Print marketing materials go a long way to drive your message home and create a physical reminder that your customers will respond to.


We have helped many of our clients with this and they experienced very favorable results. For more information about print media, and how we can help improve your next trade show or convention experience, contact us today!