Making Memories with Print

Making Memories with Print

I remember the first time I ripped an ad out of a magazine and taped it on my wall. At that time, the brand and product didn’t matter as much; I was a kid, and I liked the picture. Print marketing goes far beyond free wall art, however. Pasting an ad onto the wall was just a symptom of what I was feeling: a connection to a brand, a positive association that spoke to me. When you include print in your marketing budget, you go beyond the Internet ads and emails that tend to disappear in cyberspace and are never seen again. You create a memory for someone, a piece of impromptu art, something they can hold and share, something they’ll remember.


Give Something Tangible


In order for long-term success in print marketing to be possible, you need to leave people with something tangible to remember you by. There are endless ways to draw people using the power of print. You can build loyalty, trust and brand recognition with people by offering free samples and promos, loyalty cards and referral gifts. Anything someone will connect with, hold onto, and appreciate is worth it; short-term costs will boost long-term gains if done right.


Spark an Emotional Reaction


Infusing your advertising strategy with print media helps to form a lasting bond between your brand and customer feelings. Basic emotions and memory are intrinsically linked; you can draw upon these to create a “vibe” for your marketing campaign and successfully connect with people. It’s much easier to elicit an emotional response via a tangible, printed ad versus a fleeting picture on the web.


Earn a Response


I know how easy it is to send out a mass email shouting about your next sale, but will it be as effective as a personal note delivered to someone’s door? It’s a lucrative decision: the response rate for direct mail averages 3.4 percent, compared with just .12 percent for email. And as the world of print marketing has moved into the lure of the digital age, I’ve discovered that the playing field is wide open for those interested in personal connections with their customers. With fewer competitors in the mailbox, your print media is bound to receive the special attention it deserves.