How to Foster Customer Relationships

How to Foster Customer Relationships

I would like to emphasize a few things when I’m talking about communicating via print. In this world of “spammy and flashy” advertisements that bombard us even when we look at our phones or take moment to check out social media, printed media is a source of trust, a touchstone back to the basics. When we make the decision to incorporate print media into our ad budget, we form positive, long-lasting connections with our customers on a very human level. People tend to quickly skim past an online ad. When they have that ad in front of them, when they feel the paper between their fingers and can fold it up, place it in a pocket, and view it later, it’s a far more palpable sort of advertising. Whether printing brochures, magazine ads, cards or letters, we set ourselves up for long-term success through brand awareness, recognition, trust, and legitimacy.

The Implicit Beauty in Simplicity

In a chaotic online world, every company is vying for attention. By overwhelming the customer and depersonalizing the experience, those companies are committing a basic mistake: they ignore the customer as an individual, valuing only their eyes and their wallet. My advice? Keep your online presence in mind, of course, but consider the advantages of a one-on-one experience via print marketing. When you use print media to personalize a message, it makes a customer feel special. They value that piece of paper in their hands more than a flashing banner on an unrelated website. Not only will you be more likely to lure customers who truly need the service you’re offering, you build brand recognition and loyalty by appealing to their human side. They feel connected to your brand, and it shows.

Importance of Making a Connection

Print marketing connects with people on a level that other ads can’t. Online, users only spend a few seconds scanning a web page before moving on, making it hard to really capture their attention. Presented with print, readers spend several minutes perusing newspapers, magazines and promotional materials simply because they can touch and feel them, flip through, go back, dog-ear a page, or fold them up and share them. I say keep your marketing personal: people will trust what they can see and touch, and what they trust, they’ll remember. It is not a new concept that customers are precious, but we also should remember that they are more than a demographic or an algorithm that needs to be solved. Think of them as a person that you want to connect with, a family member, a friend or even how you yourself would prefer to be engaged. I think you may find an entirely different perspective on how to connect.