How to Create Attention Grabbing Indoor and Outdoor Banners

How to Create Attention Grabbing Indoor and Outdoor Banners

People these days, with their DSLR cameras hung around their necks and the Internet in their pocket, are a lot more conscious about quality. They have a wider world view and are always seeking something out of the ordinary. That is why making outdoor banner is not as easy as it used to be. But then again, with a wave of change in the printing industry, it is easier to achieve quality prints too. Banners are important because they are out there in the public view. They are difficult because, they can be ignored quite easily. People will not stop to read the banner; you need to make them. With hours of endless Internet surfing, the tired eyes need something big, bold and in-your-face to get noticed.


The trick to creating a good banner lies in simplification. Rather, try to grab the attention of the passersby with large prints, big bold colors, and few words. Stay simple because sometimes, that’s the key to grabbing attention.


Try to say as much as you can in as few words as possible. The kind of message you are promoting will have an impact on the content of the banner. If you want an immediate call to action, keep the imagery to a minimum. Banners that are announcing ‘Grand Opening,’ ‘Sale’ and ‘Close-out’, do not need too many images, the words are enough. Then again, if you are a travel agency, tempting people to take a break, a high quality image of a gorgeous locale with the words ‘wish you were here?’ should do the trick. Wouldn’t that tempt you?


While creating the concept for the banner is super-important, it is equally important to employ a good printing service to carry out these concepts. What looks good on letter size sheets could look completely hideous in large print if not done right. The letters may be illegible, the colors may be dull, and the image you fell in love with might look completely washed out. A great concept can become nothing more than jumbled up piece of nonsense. Now that would be a waste of time, effort, money and a great idea which is the hardest to come by!

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