Listening to our Customers: It’s in our DNA

Listening to our Customers: It’s in our DNA

Every company needs at least one differentiator, the good ones have several. But one of the key areas that American Graphix Solutions (AGS) separates themselves from the competition is their approach to customer service and engagement.

A good example of this is once we did a presentation for a new customer, and we were at the point where we were wrapping up when the leader of the group asked an essential question about ordering, and it sparked a lot of energy in the room.  They mentioned a common feature in the online ordering system of a competitor that was confusing for them was that they had to pick which printer or machine to use for their prints.

It is no secret that printing companies love to crow about their big fancy machines. It turns out however that most end users don’t care about which device prints their products they just want the stuff to look amazing. This made such an impact that we made immediate changes to our web storefront and order forms, instead of asking very technical questions we changed the prompts to ask what outcome they were looking for. The result was an interface that was easy to use and made ordering easier and even simplified the workflow internally. It was also a hit with the new client.

I’m also reminded of the first time we were invited to bid on Graphics project for an event that was taking place over a weekend on a cruise ship. The client’s event was a member benefits cruise for its top performing reps. We were one of three companies bidding and we were by far the smallest company there. During the walkthrough and both of the other competitors kept looking for opportunities to show what they had done in the past. Our approach was different, we decided to follow the clients around to each area of focus ask in-depth questions and listen intently on what they thought was important.

Armed with just our ears and our note pads we won the bid. While the project was going on we got a chance to ask specifically why we were chosen the answer was simply that our presentation was the closest to the actual ideas that they had envisioned. Simply put, we listened, we planned and we executed.

We have countless stories like this, and for AGS it is a difference maker.