The 5 Biggest Myths about Wrapping your fleet vehicle.

The 5 Biggest Myths about Wrapping your fleet vehicle.

The 5 Biggest Myths about Wrapping your fleet vehicle.

Full Graphics Wraps on Commercial Box trucks provide excellent branding opportunities. They are in essence a moving billboard for your company.

#1- They are too expensive.

When creating an estimate for a customer we let them know that we can design a wrap for any budget. Sure Wraps can be expensive when doing a fully custom color change wrap, but we have created graphics for fleet vehicles that only cost a few hundred dollars. And the return on that little of an investment is HUGE.

#2- They aren’t as effective.

There is a lot of data available about the effectiveness of wrapping your commercial vehicle and one of my favorites is how they outperform local TV advertisements. But as a company that has been doing this for over ten years, the one thing we have noticed is that companies that brand their vehicles never stop. They will continue to brand their fleet even as they replace or add to the fleet. Their reason, they know how important it is to stand out.

#3- Wrapped vehicles are a target.

This myth is one driven by fear, especially for small businesses owners. The fear is that as a branded vehicle, there are grifters or elaborate schemes out there who to actively involve fleet vehicles in a traffic accident in hopes of a getting paid via a lawsuit. This is simply just not true.

There is no statistical data that indicates fleet vehicles being involved in accidents more than non-commercial vehicles.

#4- Graphics will damage the paint

When done using best practices, vehicle wraps often protect the paint of a vehicle, this is especially helpful if the vehicle is leased and needs to be returned in good condition. There are numerous accounts of owners and leasees being surprised by the near new condition of the vehicles paint once the wrap has been removed.

#5- “It’s just a sticker, can’t I just apply it?”

While the idea seems simple, as anyone who has ever tried to do wallpaper or window tint will tell you, it is sometimes better to just leave it to the professionals. Using the wallpaper example, things are challenging enough when you are applying the material to a flat wall however add curves, rivets, fenders and the elements like dust wind and rain to the mix and things get complicated really fast.

The important takeaways from this are that it if you have a vehicle that is performing commercial duties it is almost too costly NOT to have graphics on your vehicle and when choosing a graphics provider you should choose one that has a great design team to make your vehicle stand out, experienced enough to maximize your budget and, uses the best practices and products to ensure quality and make your brand look good for a long time.