Quality vs Cost: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Quality vs Cost: Do You Get What You Pay For?

If you’re like most people, you probably look for the best deal. Sometimes it’s okay to cut corners and go with cheaper brands to save a few bucks. For example, You might be like countless others who scan the store shelves for generic cereal brands. The ingredients are all the same anyway, right? After all, why pay more for a name when Yummy O’s taste just as good? That might be true when it comes to buying breakfast cereal and the like, but with bigger purchases, it’s often worth paying a little more in exchange for higher quality. Here’s why:


When it comes to Vehicle Graphics the industry leaders in our field do their best to provide clients with competitive prices. But, there are times when some of their clients projects go to their competitors for a cheaper rate. What the clients don’t usually realize, is that rate comes with a hidden cost — the cost of repairing or replacing the low quality work or even worse in my opinion looking cheap or second rate.


Some print providers skimp on materials and labor so they can attract customers with lower prices. Here’s how:


  1. They use inferior materials. Quality prints require high-quality materials. As in most industries the vinyl market is in a bit of a price war and some low end manufacturers are trying to grab market share by lowering the price on their sub standard materials. These would be bargain hunting print providers go with the cheaper materials, but that usually results in output that will fade, wear out, and even tear in a shorter amount of time.


  1. They skip steps. The good print provider’s prints last because we provide expert attention to every detail and follow industry standard best practices. Discount print providers do as little as possible, and in some cases skip some important steps in preparation and finishing achieving a lower price point to win bids.
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Here’s a story to better illustrate this point:


There is a prospect that needed a vehicle wrapped. They were impressed with the dozens of examples of the high-quality work we had done. After consulting with them about their needs, we provided a cost and some sample artwork, we lost that customer to a lower bidder. Or so we thought. Within months the same client was back. Their vehicle wrap had already began to fade, and was peeling in certain areas. Why was that? One of the main reasons was because the discount provider skipped some important steps. We gave their vehicle a completely new, and much improved wrap (AGS uses 3M Materials, good for up to 7 years by the way). So, because they did business with a discount printing company, our client had to pay to wrap their vehicle TWICE!


The Moral: There will always be someone that will do it cheaper

If you need Mobile or outdoor graphics that last without fading or peeling, it pays in the long run to go with a high-quality printing provider. When it comes to printing, if someone asks, “Do I get what I pay for?” The answer is always a definite, “Yes!”