We wrapped a Cruise Ship!

We wrapped a Cruise Ship!

Well, not really. But that’s how the call came in. “Nick, there’s someone on Line One that wants to wrap a cruise ship?” I get calls like this all the time. Most times it’s just a misinterpretation of what someone’s boss wanted them to call us about. “Can you make a life-size cut out of my wife for a party?” “We want our wine boxes to look like the iPhone box.” “Can you print a thousand pocket folders and get them to Wisconsin by next Monday morning?” (It’s Thursday by the way).


And in all cases the answer is, YES – to which the response is an incredulous, “Really?!?”


This sets off a chain of events that usually gets me speaking with the person who actually made the request, getting the details, then rallying with the team to figure out how we’re going to make it all happen.


Here’s the secret: I work with some incredibly talented, creative, and most importantly, devoted people. My team has our company’s mission so ingrained in them, that in only a short while after explaining what we are being asked, it then becomes this logistical fireworks display that looks like a scene from “A Beautiful Mind” – complete with whiteboard markers screeching away, with spreadsheets and diagrams flying about until there’s a plan that seems pretty bullet-proof.


So here was the scenario:


A fully-chartered Cruise Ship needs to be completely branded to give the appearance that the entire ship was in essence “taken over” by the company’s branding partners, (two thousand of them in fact). Not only was this to take place while the ship was in port, it had to happen as the previous passengers were disembarking!


On the menu: 20-foot banners, complete elevator door wraps, etched glass applications in the main dining areas and glass elevators, several welcome banners and photo op backdrops, wall graphics, fully branded vinyl table top covers, Signal Flags for the ship’s mast, dance floor graphics, 13-foot tall feather flags to greet the guests, and a 35-foot long, fully branded Red Carpet.


Well, after careful planning and re-planning, it was time to get it done. A few days before install, we ran into some unexpected trouble. We discovered that we had less time than originally scheduled for the installation, we had issues with U.S. Customs boarding with the installation, and we even had some bomb sniffing dogs thrown in the mix for extra measure. We thrived among the chaos. We were done on time, AND managed to impress the client with our professionalism and attention to detail.


We did it! We rocked it and made our clients look awesome! While it was a great accomplishment for our company, I was most proud of the way we were awarded the project. We were a part of an RFQ that included two other competitors with a national presence — and we were by far the smallest guys in the room. What do I think made the difference? We listened. Not that we didn’t have ideas ourselves, but we made sure that everything we presented had the client’s branding direction and event objectives in mind. That’s the American Graphix Solutions’ way – and that’s the way we will always do things.


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