5 Ways Your Business Can Honor the Military this Memorial Day

5 Ways Your Business Can Honor the Military this Memorial Day

As military appreciation month, May is a great time to reflect on the sacrifice and service provided by the United States military. With Memorial Day approaching, now is the perfect time to give back to those who stand up for the freedoms we enjoy each day. Many businesses recognize Memorial Day with special sales, which don’t do much to actually help our troops. If you want to show real appreciation, then read on for some great ways your business can honor the military this Memorial Day.


Special Offers for Troops

Memorial Day weekend sales are a common practice among business owners. While great for business, you might get better results if you offer discounts specifically for the military. You can give discounts to those with a military ID, or throw in little extras to make them feel appreciated.


Collect Donations

One of the best ways to honor our military is to ensure they have everything then need while overseas. Let customers know that you are collecting items, and invite them to give donations. Things like toiletries, non-perishable snacks, books, socks, insect repellants, and card games are some of the most requested items.


Tell Their Story

Every community is home to military heros. Reach out to veterans and families of fallen soldiers in your town through e-newsletters and social media, and invite them to share their stories.


Support Military Organizations

There are many resources for our military, and they’re always in need of funding. Pick an organization, and collect donations at your place of business. Some of the many organizations include the Veterans Crisis Line, Veterans Helping Veterans Now, Armed Forces Family Survivors Fund, and Homes For Our Troops.


Offer Services for Military Families

One of the greatest concerns of our military is the well-being of their families back home. A great way to honor them is to lend a helping hand to those whose loved ones are serving overseas. Offer free services, discounts, or just your time to military families who could use a little help and support.