Understanding the Dance Between Marketing and Sales

Understanding the Dance Between Marketing and Sales

One common misconception in marketing is the relationship between marketing and sales. If you thought they are one and the same, you’re not alone. Many people confuse this, when in fact, marketing and sales are two distinctly different tasks. Although separate, the two work closely together, usually at the same time. Confused? read on to see how they go together.


Marketing vs Sales in a Nutshell


You now know that marketing and sales are separate entities, that somehow work together simultaneously. How does that work? The simple explanation is that one cannot exist successfully without the other. The marketing team creates brand awareness and leads, while the sales team follows the leads, and closes the deal. The two are so interdependent, that they actually work at the same time. With that in mind, you’d think that communication between the two departments is a no-brainer. You might be surprised that in some companies, communication between marketing and sales is a real problem.


Why Communication is So Important


If you want to improve your sales, one of the best things you can do is perfect communication between your marketing and sales departments. Your marketing team is responsible for generating leads. This is accomplished through in-depth target market research, and creating awesome ads geared towards the customers’ needs. Marketing materials and leads are necessary tools for effective sales.


Your sales team’s job is to close the deal. They follow the leads generated by the marketing team, and use the market research to better understand the potential customer. Understanding the customer is a fundamental part of effective sales.


Let’s sum up


Marketing provides the needed information to create a successful pitch, while sales provides marketing with first-hand insight to help with creation of stronger leads. This cycle between marketing and sales is a dance that creates success for the business. They need each other for things to go smoothly, and both are essential for growth