How to Succeed at Your New Sales Job

How to Succeed at Your New Sales Job

First of all, congratulations on landing your new sales job! With that being said, you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions, one of those being fear. If you’re worried about how you’ll perform at your new job, then read on for some great sales tips that will help you become one of the top sales reps on your team!


Make a good first impression


When trying to sell a product or service, it’s tempting to get right down to business. It pays to take time for casual conversation first, so you can build rapport with your potential client.


Here are some things you DON’T do in the beginning of your sale:


  • Don’t talk about yourself.
  • Don’t talk about your products or services.
  • Don’t recite a mechanical-sounding sales pitch.


Here are some things you SHOULD do during the first few minutes of your sales interaction:


  • Do introduce yourself politely.
  • Do state the reason for your call or visit.
  • Do Ask questions (read on for more info).


Keep THEIR needs in mind


Think back to a time before you became a sales rep. You probably met most sales people with some resistance. Most people do. When people sense that you’re trying to force a sale on them, a wall goes up, and they instantly go on the defensive. Instead, take time to get to know the needs of your prospect.


Here are some things you DON’T do during your sale:


  • Don’t oversale your product or service
  • Don’t try to talk them into something they don’t want.
  • Don’t forget that your prospects are people too.


Here are some things you SHOULD do during your sale:


  • Do ask questions to learn what they really want.
  • Do focus on reasons your prospect wants to buy.
  • Do pay attention to what your prospects are saying.
  • Do answer questions. Keep it brief.