8 Super Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

8 Super Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing for small business might seem challenging. You have a limited budget, but you still need to get your name out there. Here are some great marketing ideas that will help you build your biz, without spending a fortune.


  1. A well designed website, and kickin’ content.

I’m sure you understand the value of having an awesome business website. The great thing about creating a website is customization. You can set your budget, and invest as much time and money into your site as you want. There are tons of free website builders. If you have a way with words, you might write your own content. Just keep in mind the importance of search engine optimization, and mobile-friendly design.


  1. Make friends with YouTube.

If you don’t have a YouTube page for your business, get one! You can create your own video ads and instructional videos for FREE! AGS has been having fun with this for a little while now. Connecting with potential customers via YouTube will show that you are more than just a business, you’re human — and you have great things to offer!


  1. Be a savvy social networker.

Social media is a great marketing tool for small businesses. As with web design, you can create your own strategy, and stick to your budget. There are pro social media marketers who offer great services. If you’re interested in doing your own SMM, there are some great online tools that can help. Either way, you can’t underestimate the power of building a strong social network for your business.


  1. Everyone loves freebies.

What better way to show what you have to offer then to give free samples? If your business is more focused on service rather than products, provide discount coupons or other promotional offers. This will help spread the word, and hopefully lead to building lasting client relationships.


  1. Try E-Newsletters and Direct-Mail marketing.

Start a weekly newsletter. This helps build relationships with customers, and shows them that you care. Talk about things that interest your customers (while staying relevant to your business area of course). You can include various promotional items in your newsletter, and allow customers to provide feedback. You can also create a direct-mail campaign that delivers your newsletters to people who live near your business.


  1. Write a press release.

A good press release is one of the best ways to let the public know about your new business. Press releases are published in strategic areas, and serve as a great, cost-effective method of marketing for small business.


  1. Ask for referrals.

As a business owner, you probably have made some friends along the way. Don’t be scared to ask for referrals. Who knows, maybe some day you can return the favor.


  1. Get out there.

One of the best ways to build your business is through word of mouth. Get involved in your community, participate in conferences, and do all you can to build your local reputation. Word travels fast as they say. You might be surprised what a little social interaction can do for your business.


Marketing for small business doesn’t need to break your budget in order to be effective. Combining these 8 easy and cost-effective marketing ideas is a great place to start when planning your marketing strategy.