Why You Should Get Personal With Your Marketing

Why You Should Get Personal With Your Marketing

In the digital age we live in, you might assume that now is a great time for marketers. There are so many ways to gain exposure, and virtually endless venues. Think for a moment. How many ads have you seen today, and where? Your television, your phone, your computer or tablet, your radio, your mail and email. A person can easily be exposed to dozens of advertisements each day.


While this might seem like an ad man’s dream, marketers are actually having some difficulty standing out. Millennials are so over-exposed to marketing attempts, that many are actually turned off by ads, and most do all they can to block them. So what’s the solution?




Personalized  marketing is taking off as the best way to reach people today. It’s virtually everywhere. The laptop used to type up this article is personalized, and so are the Netflix and social media accounts it accesses. Digital technology allows people to see and customize almost anything from clothing to cars, to electronics, furniture, and Build A Bear for kids.


So if you want to reach people today who are up to their eyeballs in advertisements, you have to get personal.


One great method of personalized marketing is variable-data printing. This is a type of digital printing that allows for total customization, without stopping or slowing the printing process. Text, images, and graphics can all be given a personal touch.


VDP is great for direct-mail marketing items like brochures, or any other promotional item where you want to speak directly to your customer. This one-one-one personalized marketing strategy engages your customer, and is shown to be much more effective.


Variable-data printing is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of every size and budget. Smart business owners are getting on board with personalized marketing as a way to stay afloat in a sea of ads. It is the best way to engage customers, and stay ahead of the competition. If someone gets two brochures for the same service, but one addresses them personally by using their name in a catchy way, which will they give a second look?


Don’t be the one to send marketing items that go straight to the trash. When devising your next marketing plan, think personalization.